False claims against Syria lay the groundwork to destroy more Israeli targets

In 2007 the IAEA promoted falsehoods about Israel’s bombing of a supposed nuclear reactor in Syria, burying evidence that the site was NOT a reactor. Claims that a sarin gas attack last April was carried out by the Assad regime are similarly dubious. Just as the false “WMD” claims against Iraq were used to destroy Iraq, these claims seem aimed at taking down two more of Israel’s targets: Syria and Iran.

Israel’s false claim that it bombed a Syrian “nuke” site was used to get US intervention in Syria

Investigative journalist Gareth Porter reports that in 2007 Israel sold the CIA on a dubious claim about a North Korean nuclear reactor in the Syrian desert. In joining Israel and the White House in selling military intervention in Syria – long a target of Israel – the CIA and international inspectors hid key evidence that would undermine the case…

Israel’s Religious Fanaticism Is Infiltrating America – Ha’aretz

Haaretz reports that radical separatism, prevalent in Israel, is infecting the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in NYC, with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s blessing. Many of the 57,000 students in New York’s Hasidic yeshivas will graduate speaking little English and with no math skills or knowledge of history or science. As a result they will depend heavily on public assistance… The practice is contrary to mainstream Jewish teachings…

Israeli demolition of entire Palestinian villages continues with no end in sight (includes videos)

Stories keep pouring in of Israel demolishing Palestinian villages; many of the buildings destroyed were donated by EU organizations; schools have been razed; residents are often required to pay tens of thousands of dollars for the destruction of their own homes; nearly 160,000 Bedouins live in “unrecognized” villages built before 1948 that Israel has designated “illegal” and threatens with demolition…

McCollum introduces legislation to promote human rights for Palestinian children

H.R. 4391, the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act, calls for the prevention of US tax dollars from supporting Israel’s ongoing detention and mistreatment of Palestinian children.