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Israel partisans & critics oppose Friedman, Senate hearings begin Thursday, vote split

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will begin confirmation hearings on Thursday for Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel. (Rand Paul could be the swing vote). Friedman, who helps finance Israeli settlements, is opposed by a diverse array of groups; some pro-Israel groups say he would be bad for Israel. Some of his Senate supporters received donations from Sheldon Adelson…

Chuck Baldwin: Is Netanyahu finished? Is he trying to save himself by pushing war with Iran?

The former Constitution Party presidential candidate writes that “Netanyahu is one of the most corrupt political leaders on the planet” and one of the most heavily financed. Netanyahu’s plummet in popularity at home is one of the reasons “why he is pressuring Trump to ratchet up a war against Iran and why he is mobilizing accelerated (illegal) Israeli settlements on private land owned by Palestinian people… War and military conflict has always been a favored tactic of embattled politicians to increase their popularity and deflect negativity…”