Growing evidence of inhumane Israeli prison conditions, as one Palestinian detainee dies – Day 272

No respite for weary, starving Gazans; a released prisoner reports inhumane conditions, another prisoner dies in custody; a possible glimmer of hope in ceasefire talks; Israeli forces kill at least 6 Palestinians in Jenin; uncommitted US voters prioritize Gaza; more.

As ceasefire moves closer, Netanyahu trying to “sabotage” deal; Gaza death toll passes 38,000 – Day 271

Netanyahu thwarts ceasefire; more people killed in Gaza; vital humanitarian aid at a standstill; pro-Israel influencers with millions of followers attend Israel-sponsored strategy conference in NY; Israel destroys 600-year-old mosque; largest Israeli West Bank land grab in three decades; Palestinian citizens of Israel are an “existential threat”; leaked document shows Israel’s plan to ethnically cleanse Gazans; more.

Widely reported Palestinian father-son ‘rape’ confession contradicted by piles of evidence

Alleged “confessions” by two Palestinians in Israeli custody filmed seemingly admitting to multiple rapes, murders, and kidnappings on October 7, do not match the events of that day, are contradicted by copious evidence, and were likely coerced through torture. US and British media are running with the stories regardless.

As Khan Younis empties, Netanyahu faces crisis after crisis of leadership – Day 270

With Khan Younis evacuation, 1.9 million Palestinians packed into middle area of Gaza; unexploded bombs; Hind’s father killed; West Bank deaths; Israeli prisons shockingly overcrowded, inhumane – Ben Gvir gives approval; Israeli troops tired, low on munitions, want truce – Netanyahu fumes; more incidents of Palestinians tied to hood of Israeli vehicles; another Biden appointee resigns, group statement from 12 fellow resignees; first-ever Knesset-House Parliamentary Friendship Group held inaugural mtg in Jerusalem with its American US Rep. David Kustoff; more.

AIPAC: Has the pro-Israel lobby bribed and bought the US Democratic Party?

The pro-Israel lobby radically changed its approach. Instead of showering funds on candidates in general elections, it moved to defeat progressive candidates in primaries, thus preventing them from sure victories in their urban safe seats in Democratic strongholds.

Israeli leaders angry that tortured Gazan prisoners were released, not that they were tortured – Day 269

More testimonies of Israeli torture; Shujayea attack continues; Khan Younis evacuation orders; Israel plans “humanitarian bubbles” in Gaza; journalist killed; skin diseases on the rise; West Bank woman & child killed; Israel plans ground operation in Lebanon; Israeli settler violence ongoing; widespread condemnation of Israel’s rampant home demolitions; ADL suing foreign countries; Israel needs 10K more soldiers; anti-encampment bill in Congress; more.