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DOUBLE STANDARD: The Hill refuses to publish column about USS Liberty

The Hill published a column in favor of ending $300 million in US aid to Palestinians, based on the murder of an American by a Palestinian man unaffiliated with any Palestinian organization. In response, Geoff ONeill submitted a column that suggested suspending $3.8 billion to Israel, based on the Israeli military’s killing of 34 American servicemen. The Hill would not publish that column – but then published a second column by another Israel partisan praising the TFA…

The strange, sad saga of the Taylor Force Act

The murder of an American is being used to push new U.S. legislation on behalf of Israel, and to enrich an extremist right-wing Israeli organization with connections to an Israeli party outlawed by Israel as a terrorist organization, and that honors one of the most damaging spies against the U.S…

JTA: Billionaire Haim Saban backs bill slashing funds to Palestinian Authority (Taylor Force Act)

The Taylor Force Act, a bill to limit aid to the Palestinian Authority, is being peddled on both sides of the aisle by a nationwide grassroots network of pro-Israel activists—including Sheldon Adelson, Shawn Evenhaim, Haim Saban and Adam Milstein—as well as several powerful pro-Israel lobbying groups.