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US court revives $1Billion Palestinian lawsuit against Sheldon Adelson

In a unanimous decision, a DC court is allowing Palestinian plaintiffs to sue Sheldon Adelson & others for $1 billion over their support of Israeli settlements & alleged war crimes – including genocide.

Let’s talk about the lawsuit against Airbnb

The lawsuit against Airbnb’s de-listing of Israeli settlement properties sounds pretty flimsy: religious discrimination (illegal settlements are by definition all-Jewish); failure to provide equal access (Palestinians are barred completely – and it’s their land); Airbnb is siding with Palestinians against the occupation (everything about the occupation and settlements is illegal, so, yeah).

Washington Post: Israel sues heirs of Palestinian ‘lone wolf’ attacker, seeking compensation

Jerusalem: Israel’s state prosecutor has filed a precedent-setting lawsuit against the estate of a Palestinian seven months after the man killed four Israelis in a car-ramming attack. The Prosecutor’s Office seeks compensation—perhaps as much as $2.3 million—from the widow and four young children. The process could trigger a legal time bomb where Palestinians opt to file similar lawsuits against Israel or Israelis.