Israel military outdoes itself in a week of violence toward Palestinians

Israel military outdoes itself in a week of violence toward Palestinians

Last Wednesday, Israeli soldiers chopped down more than 100 Palestinian-owned olive trees in the village of Burqin. No reason was given for the destruction.

September 2019, Week 3: Mainstream media does not cover the scores of “small” stories of Palestinian loss of freedom, property, life, and hope. IMEMC brings the stories to us daily. Below are many of the headlines from the past week.

Invasions, attacks, interrogations, injuries, abductions – including children:

Soldiers Invade Deir Ghassana Village, North Of Ramallah
Israeli Soldiers Abduct Eight Palestinians In Hebron, Nablus, And Jerusalem
Army Injures Fifteen Palestinians Near Jerusalem
Israeli Soldiers Injure Six Palestinians Near Qalqilia
Army Abducts Five Palestinians, Confiscates A Car, In Beit Ummar
Israeli Soldiers Abduct Three Palestinians Near Hebron
Israeli Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians Near Hebron
Israeli Soldiers Abduct 22 Palestinians In West Bank
Seven Palestinian Injured In Southern Gaza
Army Abducts A Palestinian Child In Al-‘Isawiya
Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Merchant At Erez Terminal
Israeli Soldiers Abduct Four Palestinians In Jerusalem And Ramallah
Israeli Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians Near Ramallah
2 Palestinian Youth Shot By Israeli Forces, One Critical
Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian In Bethlehem
Army Injures Many Palestinians Near Nablus
Soldiers Assault A Child, And Abduct Him, In Al-‘Isawiya
Army Injures Many Palestinians Near Jenin
Elderly Palestinian Assaulted near Ramallah
Six Palestinian Detainees Still On Hunger Strike against Administrative Detention
Soldiers Interrogate 12-year-old Child 

Israeli Court Approves Use of Palestinian Bodies as Bargaining Chips

A Palestinian family in the Jerusalem-area village of al-Eizariya has been unable to bury their 14-year-old son, who was killed by Israeli police last month.

Nassim Abu Rumi’s family has petitioned Israel’s high court to order the release of his body, which will be reportedly transferred on Friday. Israel will also be transferring the remains of Omar Younis, who died in an Israeli hospital in April after being shot by occupation forces at a West Bank checkpoint.

Israel is holding the remains of more than a dozen Palestinians recently killed during alleged and actual attacks on occupation forces and civilians []

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Author Stripped of German Award for Supporting BDS
EU: Settlements a “Serious Breach of International Law”
Malta Condemns Netanyahu’s Annexation Statements
US Diplomats Pressure Europe Lawmakers to Oppose BDS
Turkey’s FM Calls Israel’s Annexation Plan ‘Dispicable’
OIC: Israeli Government Fully Responsible for Consequences of Colonial Policies

Land and water rights:

Soldiers Confiscate Bulldozer, Prevent Palestinian From Plowing His Land 
Israeli Soldiers Bulldoze Palestinian Agricultural Lands Near Qalqilia And Salfit
Army Cuts Off Water Supply to Jordan Valley Village
Agricultural Lands Attacked in Salfit and Jordan Valley
Israeli Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishing Boats In Gaza
Army Issues Orders Halting Construction Of School Near Hebron

Ashrawi Condemns Israel’s “Field Executions Policies” On Roadblocks

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), issued a statement strongly condemning the ongoing field executions carried out by Israeli soldiers on military roadblocks across the occupied West Bank, especially when the soldiers refuse to allow medical treatment to wounded Palestinians, who eventually bled to death.

Her statements came after Israeli soldiers shot and seriously injured a Palestinian woman, identified as Ala’ Wahdan, 28, earlier Wednesday, near Qalandia Terminal, north of occupied East Jerusalem, and refused to allow Palestinian medics to even approach her before she bled to death.

Dr. Ashrawi stated that this policy is a serious and a direct violation of all related international and humanitarian laws…the ongoing executions by Israeli soldiers on military roadblocks have claimed that lives of 65 Palestinians, including 26 children and eight women, since the year 2015.

“This type of brutal behavior reflects the criminal mentality, and the culture of hatred that encourages such cold-blooded executions and extrajudicial assassinations,” Dr. Ashrawi said, “These acts are organized terrorist activities committed by the Israeli army, and reflect Israel’s ongoing disregard of human life, and all related international laws, with the direct and unlimited support American support that also grants it immunity, which encourages Israel not only to continue but also to escalate its crimes and violations.”

She also denounced the international silence and idleness while Israel escalated its violations with impunity []

Remembering The Sabra And Shatilla Massacre 35 Years On

Ziada Case against Israeli Generals for Gaza War Crimes Heard in The Hague

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (12 – 18 September 2019)

During the reporting period, PCHR documented 165 violations of the international human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL) by Israeli forces and settlers in the occupied Palestinian territory.

As part of the Israeli violations of the right to life and bodily integrity, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian woman, who was not identified, at Qalendia Checkpoint at the northern entrance to occupied East Jerusalem, and wounded 78 civilians, including 34 children, 2 women and a journalist at the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip.

As part of the Israeli incursions and house raids, Israel carried out 82 incursions into the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. 49 Palestinians were arrested, including 8 children and 2 women.  In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli forces carried out 2 limited incursions and levelled agricultural lands along the border fence.  Meanwhile, 7 shooting incidents were reported at the agricultural lands, east of the Gaza Strip.

Under the settlement expansion activities in the West Bank, PCHR documented 6 violations, including destroying 5 water wells, uprooting 250 olive trees and 120 forest trees…Further, as part of the settlers’ attacks against Palestinian civilians and their property in the West Bank, the Israeli settlers carried out 3 attacks at the Palestinian civilians and their property in the West Bank.

In terms of the Israeli closure policy, the Gaza Strip still suffers the worst closure in the History of the Israeli occupation in the oPt as it has entered the 14th consecutive year, without any improvement to the movement of persons and goods and ongoing isolation of the Gaza Strip from the West Bank and the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the West Bank is divided into separate cantons with key roads blocked by the Israeli occupation since the Second Intifada and with temporary and permanent checkpoints, where civilians’ movement is restricted and others are arrested. (full report here)


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