WATCH: Daily Life in Occupied Palestine

YouTube has restricted our video and placed an unusually dire content warning on it. Please see our related article for the full details and to demand they stop the censorship.

Most Americans, whose government gives Israel over $10 million per day, have no idea that Israel commits human rights abuses every single day, since US media virtually never report this information: that Israeli forces daily invade Palestinian villages, daily abduct people, and daily injure people; that virtually every week Israeli forces destroy farmers’ trees, demolish family homes, confiscate Palestinian land, and more…

These clips illustrate the kind of essential information US media companies almost never show Americans.

For daily news reports from the Palestinian Occupied Territories, check out:
Palestine News Network | PNN
WAFA Palestinian News Agency

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For Palestinian rocket attacks go here.

And click here for a complete list of sources used in this video.

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