Double Action Alert! Please help Palestinians in 2 ways today

Double Action Alert! Please help Palestinians in 2 ways today

An Israel-centric definition of anti-Semitism threatens free speech here; unchecked Israeli violence threatens children in the occupied Palestinian territories

Action Alert item #1: H.R. 4391 and the Situation for Palestinian children after the US embassy move

On June 25, 2018, Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) will host a congressional briefing examining how persistent grave human rights violations, systemic impunity, discrimination, and recent U.S. policy decisions – like relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem – affect the lives of Palestinian children growing up under military occupation.

YOU WANT YOUR LEGISLATOR TO ATTEND THE “NO WAY TO TREAT A CHILD” CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING! Please follow this link to send him/her the necessary info.
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When: June 25, 2018 at 12:30 pm (light lunch served)

Where: Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2044
45 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20515

Speakers: James Zogby, President, Arab American Institute, Bill Van Esveld, Senior Researcher, MENA, Children’s Rights Division, Human Rights Watch, Farah Bayadsi, Attorney, Defense for Children International – Palestine, Jehad Abusalim, Policy Consultant, American Friends Service Committee, Diala Shamas, Staff Attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights. Moderator: Jennifer Bing, Palestine Israel Program Director, American Friends Service Committee, and co-leader of No Way to Treat a Child campaign.

Sponsored by: Defense for Children International – Palestine and American Friends Service Committee

For more information visit:

Action Alert item #2: Oppose Bill to Stifle Campus Free Speech on Palestine

On May 23, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) introduced bills (S.2940/H.R.5924) which, if they became law, would result in the Department of Education stifling free speech about Palestine on campus.

The bill requires the Department of Education to “take into consideration” a discredited Department of State definition of anti-Semitism when reviewing complaints of bigotry and harassment against Jewish students.

This definition includes legitimate, First Amendment-protected political speech critical of the Israeli government and in support of Palestinian freedom, justice, and equality.

YOU WANT YOUR LEGISLATOR TO OPPOSE THIS BILL THAT WOULD STIFLE STUDENTS’ FREE SPEECH ON PALESTINE! Please follow this link to make your voice heard on this important subject.
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Sponsored by: US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

The ACLU has come out with a strong statement opposing this bill. More detailed info can be found here.

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