Congress gives 29 bipartisan standing ovations for Israeli president

On July 19, 2023 the US Congress convened a special joint session for Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Both Democrats and Republicans bobbed up and down to applaud him 29 times. They did this despite the fact that even though the US expends over $20 million per day on behalf of Israel,

(1) Israel has a pattern of spying on the US and stealing our technology;

(2) Israel tried to sink a US Navy ship, killing 34 American servicemen and injuring 174, and has lied about it ever since;  and

(3) Israel has a long, thoroughly documented record of human rights abuses and violations of international law.

The unavoidable reality is that Israel has the most pervasive and powerful special interest lobby on behalf of a foreign country in the US (INCLUDING numerous billionaire campaign donors).

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