Palestine Photo Project publishes archival photos from 1898 – 1946 in new book and online

The Palestine Photography Project has published over 200 high quality photos of pre-1948 Palestine both online and in a book. The Project reproduces these historic images for exhibition in galleries, museums, universities, libraries and other venues worldwide. The images are also available for purchase in a variety of formats.

Israel’s 24-7 ‘War’ on Palestine Rights Movement Advances Anti-boycott Legislation, Torpedoes Events

An office in Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs is waging a ‘war’ against the Palestinian rights movement, placing agents in embassies around the world and working to advance anti-boycott legislation, close bank accounts, torpedo events, thwart donations, organize counter-protests. The Director says: ‘In order to win, we must use tricks and craftiness.’

North Carolina 22nd state to pass anti-BDS legislation promoted by Israel lobby groups

Legislation against companies boycotting Israel is being enacted in state legislatures, cities, and at the national level. The American Jewish Committee and other Israel advocacy groups tout their successes, including getting all 50 governors to sign an anti-BDS statement.

Washington Post: Israel sues heirs of Palestinian ‘lone wolf’ attacker, seeking compensation

Jerusalem: Israel’s state prosecutor has filed a precedent-setting lawsuit against the estate of a Palestinian seven months after the man killed four Israelis in a car-ramming attack. The Prosecutor’s Office seeks compensation—perhaps as much as $2.3 million—from the widow and four young children. The process could trigger a legal time bomb where Palestinians opt to file similar lawsuits against Israel or Israelis.

Diverse groups push for ‘Anti-Semitism Envoy’ who monitors criticism of Israel

A former Antisemitism Envoy adopted a new, Israel-centric definition for antisemitism, and then used it to train U.S. diplomats. The envoy position has proved a revolving door to Israel lobbying organizations (see video). Now groups from the ADL to the Southern Poverty Law Center are disturbed that Trump isn’t filling the position.