Chuck Baldwin: Is Netanyahu finished? Is he trying to save himself by pushing war with Iran?

Chuck Baldwin: Is Netanyahu finished? Is he trying to save himself by pushing war with Iran?

In an article published on NewsWithViews and his website, former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin opines that the Israeli Prime Minister’s political problems are fueling his push for war against Iran and increased settlement building. Baldwin is a Baptist minister.

Below are excerpts:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the most corrupt political leaders on the planet. He is also one of the most heavily financed political leaders on the planet.

In spite of his billionaire friends and supporters, however, he is facing almost certain political destruction. His many crimes are being intensely investigated by Israeli authorities. The only reason he hasn’t been removed from office already is due to the immense political and financial support he has from bankers, casino owners, land developers, etc., from other countries–especially in the United States.

But it is doubtful that Bibi will be able to tread water much longer. It appears that his political demise is inevitable. And you haven’t heard a word about it from the controlled mainstream media in the U.S., have you? Of course not. The men who own the mainstream media are among Bibi’s largest contributors.

Neither have you heard anything about it from the so-called conservative publications, periodicals and websites. There is one common denominator that links the mainstream media with the so-called conservative media: infatuation with the modern State of Israel.

Without a doubt, Netanyahu’s plummet in popularity at home is one of the reasons (maybe the MAJOR reason) why he is pressuring Donald Trump to ratchet up a war against Iran and why he is mobilizing accelerated (illegal) Israeli settlements on private land owned by Palestinian people. War and military conflict has always been a favored tactic of embattled politicians to increase their popularity and deflect negativity. Neither does it hurt that Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and presidential adviser, is a MAJOR financial backer of the (illegal) land settlements.

One indicator that Netanyahu will be removed from office soon is longtime Bibi supporter, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, is starting to back away from the embattled Israeli Prime Minister. That’s NOT a good sign for Bibi at all.

The removal of Netanyahu from office would be a very good thing for the entire world. The problem is the State of Israel is controlled by about 20 mega-rich Zionist families. To think that these power-brokers would replace Bibi with a truly honest man is as likely as the sun rising in the west tomorrow morning.

Read this honest and objective analysis of what I am talking about here:

Netanyahu Scandals Reflect Corruption At The Heart Of Israeli Society

Baldwin also writes:

Iran is being painted as the next Big Bad Wolf that the U.S. must attack in order to save the world. But why?

Iran is condemned because Iran-backed Houthi rebels attacked a Saudi warship and Tehran tested a missile. For this, “American lives are at risk.” Really? How so?

The Saudis have been bombing the Houthi rebels and ravaging their country, Yemen, for TWO YEARS. Saudi Arabia is apparently exempt from retaliation from wars it starts. But one act of self-defense by the Yemenis and Donald Trump puts Iran “on notice”– and generals Mattis and Flynn declare it to be America and the world’s greatest threat. Really? Trump has also foolishly reinstated sanctions against Iran. Both Russia and Iran see this as a violation of the 2015 treaty, which now allows Iran to withdraw from the agreement altogether.

Where is the evidence that Iran even had a role in the Houthis’ attack against the Saudi ship? Plus the UN resolution only forbade Iran from testing nuclear missiles, not conventional ones–which Tehran insists this test was.

Of course, the globalist warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu is cheering Trump on. Perpetual war in the Middle East is Bibi’s best friend. Right now, he’s counting on it to save his political career.

Furthermore, is it any coincidence that the Saudi king spoke with Trump on Sunday (1/29) and then suddenly the Trump administration is beating the war drums against Saudi Arabia’s mortal enemy, Iran? The Sunni Muslim government of Saudi Arabia has long salivated over conquering the Shia Muslim government of Iran.

Trump’s public rhetoric and the reinstatement of sanctions make a collision with Iran almost inevitable. Did Trump learn NOTHING from G.W. Bush and Barack Obama? An unnecessary and unprovoked war in Iraq; wars in Libya, Syria, and Yemen costing trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives; not to mention a global harvest of hatred against America that launched Al Qaeda and ISIS. Oh, yes, and there’s also the little matter that Iran and Russia are committed allies.

Trump said he wanted a less hostile relationship with Putin’s Russia. Well, going to war with Iran is not the way to do it. As this is being written, the U.S. Navy is practicing war games fifty miles off the coast of Iran. This is not good, folks.

Perhaps Trump is listening to the advice of the War Party members that he foolishly appointed to his cabinet. (I tried to warn people about these appointments when they occurred–but I didn’t think the bitter fruit of these appointments would ripen in only two weeks after his inauguration.) Convincing Trump to go to war with Iran would be a good way to make him a one-term President.

The American people didn’t put Trump in office for him to take the United States into yet another unnecessary and unprovoked Middle Eastern war. But it looks like that is exactly what he is planning to do.

Some of the above I borrowed from Pat Buchanan’s excellent analysis:  The Coming Clash With Iran

And what’s at the center of all of this war fever? An Israel-First foreign policy and an Israel-First “Christian” theology.

Hate me and stone me if you want to: Americans should be all about America-First, and Christians should be all about Christ-First.

In the meantime, unless a U.S.-led war against Iran can save him, it seems that Netanyahu’s crimes are starting to catch up to him. And if Christians cared anything about truth, righteousness, and justice, they would be happy to hear it. I seem to recall that God’s prophets had something to say about Old Testament Israel’s wayward kings. Speaking of which, where are God’s prophets today?

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