Action Alert: tell to follow Airbnb in de-listing Israeli settlement properties

Action Alert: tell to follow Airbnb in de-listing Israeli settlement properties needs to take a stand against occupation by de-listing properties located on stolen land in Israeli settlements

The popular global tourism company Airbnb recently announced its decision to de-list properties in illegal Israeli settlements, a move which Human Rights Watch (HRW) praised as “a stand against discrimination, displacement, and land theft.”

Now it’s time for to follow suit. stated to HRW that it merely provides a platform for rental, which it claims does not support settlements.

But that is just not the case. needs to recognize that, while its intention is to remain impartial, its laissez-faire policy actually harms the people of Palestine and bolsters a belligerent state.

A Palestinian protester climbs Israel’s controversial separation barrier in the West Bank village of Nilin near the Jewish settlement of Hashmonaim (background). AFP PHOTO/ ABBAS MOMANI

HRW’s business and human rights director Arvind Ganesan explained that global tourism companies “contribute to entrenching a two-tiered discriminatory regime in the West Bank” when they list properties in illegal Israeli settlements. They also provide an economic boost and perpetuate the illusion that settlements are legitimate – when in reality they are built on stolen Palestinian land, and illegal under international humanitarian law.

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