Watch: Israeli soldiers cheer as they shoot Palestinian

Video taken by Israeli soldiers of shooting a Palestinian who is just standing still, then the soldiers laugh about it. Captioned video from Ynet News.

UPDATE: The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports that the Israeli military is not denying the incident but says it occurred several months ago. It says it is investigating the incident (these “investigations” almost always absolve the IDF of any guilt).

The original video with a preliminary English transcript is below.


Translation by @ShunraCat. Video from @ShovrimShtika. Posted by Electronic Intifada.

“Two – heads – positive”
“It looks like he’s stopping, I am taking it down on him.”
“Do you have a bullet in the barrel?”
[indistinct] Is that on him? Is that on him? Stopping
[indistinct] Wait, I can’t shoot because of the concertina wire
Because of the concertina wire, kapara,
Stop, stop so [indistinct] Moni, come here, come here, come here
There’s a small child there
Should I give [fire?]?
How does he always bend over, right when I follow.
[0035 radio indistinct] …on the pink.
Not the pink, I’m on the blue, I am.
[SOUND OF GUNSHOT] Wow, what a movie! Yay! Son of a whore.
Oh, mama, did you film it?
What a movie! There, go running to evacuate him. Of course I filmed it.
Wow. They hit someone in the head.
Now do I [indistinct]?
What did you say?
[whispered:] go ahead, film it, film it.
What a film, it’s a legend.
What? I didn’t see it.
[laughing] He flew up in the air with his leg, like that.
He scratched his leg and we hit the other [indistinct].
[indistinct] sons of whores.

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