WATCH: CBC exposé “The Godfather” on Adelson’s influence on US & Canadian policies

Broadcast on CBC’s news program “The Weekly with Wendy Mesley” on May 20, 2018.

Prominent Canadian news broadcaster Wendy Mesley exposes the role of billionaire campaign donor Sheldon Adelson in getting the U.S. embassy moved to Jerusalem, Trump’s abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal, and both U.S. and Canadian politics in general.

Adelson, the tenth richest man in the world and the GOP’s largest donor, is known to use his money to influence policies on behalf of Israel.

After trump tore up the Iran agreement, Adelson donated an additional $30 million to the Republican party, possibly the single largest single donation in U.S. history.

Adelson also influenced former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who endorsed Trump’s embassy action and anti-Iran move, as well as Canadian conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

Mesley interviews New York Times reporter Ken Vogel, who says that Adelson has private meetings at the White House with Trump, Vice President Pence, John Bolton, and others. Israel is at the heart of Adelson’s donations, who has been influenced by his Israeli wife, Miriam.

Vogel explains that Adelson is “the enforcer” for Jewish American donors who give a lot of money to Republican politicians. People are afraid to cross him.


Sheldon Adelson regrets having worn an American uniform rather than an Israeli one (video)

Additional information about Adelson

Information on how and why American evangelicals became pro-Israel can be read in the book, Against Our Better Judgment: How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel

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