Tell Facebook: We need to be able to discuss Zionism

Tell Facebook: We need to be able to discuss Zionism

Israel is telling Facebook to add the word ‘Zionist’ to its ‘hate speech’ policy. This would censor discussion of the ideology that underlies Israeli oppression of Palestinians… 

Reposted from, The Palestinian BDS National Committee

Israel is asking Facebook to add the word “Zionist” to its hate speech policy. Facebook is now reviewing this proposal.

If Facebook restricts the use of “Zionist” on its platforms, Palestinians will be blocked from describing our daily lives under Israeli apartheid, as well as our families’ histories of dispossession and military occupation.

We’re working with an international coalition including Jewish Voice for Peace, 7amleh, MPower Change, Independent Jewish Voices, American Muslims for Palestine, Palestine Legal, and many more to advocate with Facebook against making this policy change.


Social media companies should allow people to hold governments accountable, not shield governments from accountability.

Restricting criticism of Israel is a misguided response to a real and important problem of antisemitism. In falsely equating all Jewish people with the state of Israel, Facebook will only play into dangerous stereotypes.

Zionism claims that all people worldwide who identify themselves as Jewish belong to a “Jewish nation”, although these people are citizens of many countries, and that this “nation” has an inherent right to a supremacist “Jewish state” in Palestine, forcibly displacing the Indigenous Palestinian population and denying our basic rights.

Support Palestinians in telling our story by spreading the petition to Twitter  Support Palestinians in telling our story by spreading the petition to Facebook

The Zionist settler-colonial project continues to this day, through “incremental genocide” of two million in the Gaza ghetto; the ceaseless theft of our lands and forcible displacement of our communities; the endless colonial settlements; and the overarching apartheid system.

Social media platforms are powerful tools to help us share our stories, fight against all forms of racism and discrimination, and fight for our freedom.

Make sure to sign our petition to Facebook so we can continue our struggle for justice

In solidarity, The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)


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