Review by Ziad Hafez calls Alison Weir’s book ‘scholarly’ ‘indispensable’ and ‘explosive’

Review by Ziad Hafez calls Alison Weir’s book ‘scholarly’ ‘indispensable’ and ‘explosive’

Alison Weir, If Americans Knew — A review of my book by prominent intellectual Ziad Hafez has been published by Contemporary Arab Affairs, a quarterly journal issued in London by Taylor and Francis and sponsored by the Center of Arab Unity Studies.

[The book is available on Amazon in the US here and in the UK here.]

Mr. Hafez calls the book “explosive and meticulously researched” and says “its scholarly content makes it an indispensable tool for any researcher on the root cause of Middle Eastern turmoil.”

Hafez terms the book “a ‘must read’ for the general reader as well as for the scholar” and writes: “This reviewer considers this book more effective and persuasive than the seminal work of Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer about the Israeli Lobby.”

A leading intellectual with a background in economics, political science, law, and university teaching, Hafez is the author of numerous books and articles in Arabic, French, and English. He is currently General Secretary for the Arab National Conference, the leading Arab nationalist organization.

Mr. Hafez writes: “The bibliography used by the author is quite impressive. Of particular importance is the use of American Jewish scholars, American Zionists, and Israeli scholarship to document the author’s work.”

He notes that readers “will learn many facts buried in obscure books as well as in known works such as biographies of prominent Zionist figures, memoirs of political leaders, and scholarly work recognized internationally.”

Mr. Hafez states that one of the book’s main strengths is “the absence of any anti-Semitic streak or references” and notes that this “will make it hard for pro-Israel sympathizers to attack.”

The review has also been published by The Levant News and disseminated by Al-Hewar Center. Read the entire review, which contains much additional commentary, on our new If Americans Knew Blog.

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