Israel’s week-long smorgasbord of abuse against Palestinians March 9-15

Israel’s week-long smorgasbord of abuse against Palestinians March 9-15

The headlines we’re not likely to see from Israel and Palestine tell the story we need to hear: Palestinians live under daily, brutal oppression at the hands of Israel.

For those who think Palestine is in a time of “calm” because there are no headlines, think again. Palestinians haven’t experienced calm in decades. Here is a sampling of headlines from the last week, as meticulously reported by our friends at the International Middle East Media Center.

compiled by If Americans Knew, reposted from International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC)

The last week or so has seen a particularly broad variety of injustices perpetrated against Palestinians: at least 56 were abducted and/or detained (a disturbing number of them children); 18 injured or killed (again, several of them children); a large number of home demolitions (especially brutal since there is a pandemic going on); and a rash of Israeli settler violence.

Palestinians also experienced the confiscation of a flock of sheep, a truck, a tractor, and swaths of land – all of this is subsidized by the United States to the tune of over $10 million a day.

Headlines on Tuesday, March 9:

Headlines on Wednesday, March 10:

Headlines on Thursday, March 11:

Headlines on Friday, March 12:

Headlines on Saturday, March 13:

Headlines on Sunday, March 14:

Headlines on Monday, March 15:




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