Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Teen In Jenin

Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Teen In Jenin

The sisters of 17-year-old Palestinian Amjad al-Fayed mourn their brother’s death.

In yet another raid on the Palestinian city of Jenin, Israeli forces shot seventeen-year-old Amjad al-Fayed to death with eleven live rounds to his upper body… Another teen is in critical condition…

reposted from International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC), May 21, 2022

Israeli soldiers killed, Saturday dawn, a teenage boy and seriously injured another Palestinian after the army invaded the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank governorate of Jenin, leading to protests.

Medical sources in Jenin have confirmed the identity of the slain teen as Amjad Waleed al-Fayed [also spelled al-Fayyed], 17, and added that the soldiers shot the teen with nearly eleven live rounds in the upper body.

Amjad al-Fayed, 17, killed by Israeli forces on May 21, 2022 in West Bank city of Jenin. (photo)

The sources added that the army also shot and seriously injured another Palestinian, eighteen years of age, before being rushed to a hospital in Jenin.

The Israeli army said the Amjad was killed during exchanges of fire that took place after the army invaded the refugee camp.

It is worth mentioning that the slain Palestinian teen is the nephew of Amjad and Mohammad al-Fayed, who were killed in the massive Israeli offensive in the Jenin refugee camp in April of the year 2002.

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