WATCH: O Little Town of Bethlehem, Palestine

Reposted from If Americans knew YouTube channel

All the clips in this video took place in Bethlehem. See below for the full list of sources.

Bethlehem is in the Palestinian West Bank, which has been under Israeli occupation since 1967. It is encircled by a wall erected by Israel in 2002. All entrances and exits are controlled by armed Israeli soldiers. Israeli forces regularly invade the area, beating and abducting residents (see this and this). The residents are both Christians and Muslims, all living together.

Israeli forces sometimes kill them, including prominent Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu-Akleh, from a Christian family from Bethlehem (see this and this).

Due to the influence of the Israel lobby, U.S. taxpayers give Israel over $10 million per day.

The churches shown at the end of the video are the Church of the Nativity and Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem.

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