OCTOBER 7—The Lies in Brief

An investigation directed by award-winning British journalist Richard Sanders found that numerous claims about the October 7th attack on Israel are false.

The fallacious claims were repeated by President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony blinken, and media outlets.

(Excerpted from the documentary “October 7”)

Richard Sanders is an award winning TV producer specialising in history, news and current affairs. He has made more than 50 films, mostly for Britain’s Channel 4 public broadcast television station. He has written for a number of publications including The Daily Telegraph and the Boston Globe and is also the author of two history books.

If Americans Knew has divided his full hour-long documentary into segments. This video is a 10-minute excerpt of the segment entitled “OCTOBER 7: The Lies”

OCTOBER 7: The Lies
OCTOBER 7: Israeli Military Kills Israelis
OCTOBER 7: Israeli Failures
OCTOBER 7: The Background
OCTOBER 7: The Director
OCTOBER 7: The Full Story (the entire film)

The entire playlist is here.

Source video—
October 7: Forensic analysis shows Hamas abuses, many false Israeli claims

The films are also on YouTube and other platforms.


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