Category: Media Bias

“Guardian of Zion” award will be given to former US ambassador to UN John Bolton

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton will receive the award from Israel’s Bar Ilan University for “his fostering of relations between the United States and Israel, and for his lasting contributions to the strengthening of Jerusalem as the eternal city of the Jewish people and throughout the world.” Other recipients: NY Times Editor A.M. Rosenthal, journalist Charles Krauthammer, NY Times columnist William Safire, historian Sir Martin Gilbert, author Cynthia Ozick, Senator Joseph Lieberman, author Herman Wouk, and last year’s honoree, Ambassador Ronald Lauder…

This week in Palestine: Palestinian hunger striker dies, IDF attacks journalists and protesters

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights documents crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territories in weekly reports. We will summarize their reports and stories from other news agencies with the goal of informing Americans of the ongoing violence that Palestinian families face each day under Israel’s occupation of their ancestral lands. The Israeli government receives $3 billion per year in direct military aid from U.S. taxpayers.

Russian “peace scare” averted, neocons also predominate on Iran, ignore history

Stephen Sniegoski reports in Unz Review: Trump’s appointees indicate his efforts for peace with Russia have ended, while bellicosity against Iran has continued. While while mainstream media anathematizes almost everything else Trump proposes, it sees little wrong with his Iran policy – even though it is counter to US interests and ignores history…