Alison Weir turns 70: Keep shining your light to the world!

Alison, your work for peace and justice continues to change hearts and minds in the United States and around the world. Thank you for all you do! Here are just some of the messages If Americans Knew team received for your birthday:


I am not sure if you have an idea about what you have done for so so many of us non-Palestinians – in terms of standing for Justice (not just for palestine but anywhere).

you have given us that hope that despite all opposition, one must not bow down to tyraany and falsehood. stand tall and face it with all what you got.

I have to tell you how much dua (supplication) I make for you, your well being, you being other there for us as a role model. we all have short comings but we do not let them get in the way of our work for truth and justice.

I know very very few people like you, Alison.

Thanks for dedicating your life to this cause which has this world at the edge

Happy Birthday to you, Alison! Love from Katharina Harlow in Monterey.


Alison Weir, you are our hero .. As a Palestinian who is concerned about the Status of oppression and injustice in Palestine, the land of hope and despair, I value the role you play through “If Americans Knew” in revealing facts and realities that can lead to greater understanding of the facts. Alison Weir and If Americans Knew, you are addressing an essential task: when you advocate, when you lobby, when you speak out on issues that matter to the Americans who need to see the hidden truth revealed. It is essential to those who care deeply about what is happening in and to the Occupied Palestine and the people there who struggle for a better future and hope be able to live with peace and security. Alison Weir, for all your time, effort, hard work, for the enlightening and stimulating presentations, and your thoughtful speeches, please accept the deep gratitude and appreciation of every Palestinian. God Bless You. Happy Birthday Salah S Sakka From Gaza

Alison’s the beauty of the world. I remember what a huge sense of relief I felt when I found If Americans Knew back around 2003. Until then the vacuum of real information about Israel was almost palpable, even eerie, especially in the normal media, but even on the web. Alison not only provided information, but also suggested activities, and I spent many hours between 2004 and 2010 printing and distributing leaflets, posters, and booklets, based on materials on the If Americans Knew site, in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It was so satisfying! Seeing new places, giving people information about something I KNEW was important, and was pretty sure they weren’t aware of. I always felt so clean when I was finished, and the contretemps (being stopped by the police, being stopped once by a mailman, being called a Nazi by people who were usually well hidden, etc.) made me feel even cleaner. Since then, I’ve been working on my own projects, especially a website about Israel and its history that I hope will eventually serve as a kind of protective flank for If Americans Knew. Over time, I’ve internalized so much of what Alison’s written and done, that it would be hard for me to say where my insight, knowledge, courage etc. begin and Alison’s ends. Especially her courage. Happy Birthday Alison! )))) Doug Greene

Thank you, Alison, for your Against Our Better Judgment. At long last, we have a work uncovering the history of Zionism on this side of the Atlantic.


From me Orabi M. Orabi & my family best wishes for Alison , god bless you .

Dear Alison, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for tirelessly advocating for the Palestinians. As someone born from a Jewish family, the Palestinian’s cause is particularly important to me. What my family experienced in France, I feel so sad to see that it is now experienced by Palestinians, and that the victims became abusers, and have passed this pattern to the new generations in the Holy Land and throughout the world. Your work in the face of diffamation by JVP is an inspiration (I unsubscribed from their mails). Many blessings to you on your 70th birthday. As a present to you and myself, I am going to order your book. Régine Bohar, Toronto (Canada)

Thank you Alison, You enlighted my whole life, Your dedication to peace ,justice and eternal values of virtue allover the world has inspired me and so many others to better understand the root causes of many of our days turmoils and conflicts , Thanks again from my deepest heart and long live Alison.

Alison Weir is what true American patriotism looks like…people who are willing to risk their credibility, security, and so much of what they hold dear, for the ideals and principles that they know are more important than any one of us individually. I am so inspired and so very grateful to know that people of such immense character and courage continue to fight for truth, justice, and our democracy, undaunted by the deafening silence of the masses who are so shamefully self-absorbed, willfully ignorant, and completely unmoved by the gross injustices their tax dollars continue to fund. God bless those who still make America a country worth fighting for. God bless Alison Weir.

Dear Ms. Alison Weir, Happy Birthday. As a Persian saying goes, may a hundred years be added to your life. Thank you for your research and outspokenness, on the Palestine issue and suffering of the people. Your heartfelt work has contributed greatly to the cause, doing what many of us wish we could have done. And, thanks to your in-depth research and your book, I am more aware as to how Zionism came to overtake America. It is important to know who we are facing, in opposition to the cause of justice and freedom for the Palestinian people. God Bless and with best wishes, Faramak Zahraie

Happy Birthday to Alison. We wish her very good health and many happy returns!

Amin Shafie

As someone who only relatively recently began comtemplating, then writing about, the Big Issues, I owe a special debt of gratitude to Alison. Although I’d read much about the history of Israel and its relationship with the US, her book Against our Better Judgment helped chrystalise for me possibly better than any other book before, the historical, geopolitical and moral significance of what we’re dealing with today in such matters.

[In]what I’ve written that I can genuinely say was inspired by Ms Weir’s insight and her courage to speak out….

Greg Maybury Editor / Publisher Perth, Australia.

I met Alison in Portland ten years ago. She’s the most active and consistent campaigner for Palestinian rights in America. She’s also a campaigner for the rights of Americans – the vast majority of whom, of all classes, have no interest in supporting Israel at all. This led her to write “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel”, published in 2014. This book deals with the Lobby. Following this, some of her former collaborators turned against her. They criticized her for being interviewed by someone they claimed is a “white supremacist”. But she has also given interviews to Jewish supremacists. They didn’t object to this, revealing their true colors.

If you think you support Palestinian rights, but don’t recognize the importance of the Israel Lobby, and Jewish power in general, in Western countries, particularly the USA, you are wasting your time.

Happy birthday, Alison. Keep up the good work, and many happy returns!

Happy Birthday in advance, Alison!

I admire and appreciate more than I can tell you the work you do to bring the plight of the Palestinian people to the world’s conscience. My late father was from Palestine so it’s natural that I keep close tabs on what is happening to my people….displacement, subjugation, torture, unwarranted deaths and what has been called “slow genocide”. None of my family members have remained there for the most obvious reasons. They are scattered to the four corners of the globe: Great Britain, the U.S., Canada, Australia and other nations.

Due to the immense bias of the American media in favor of Israel, I realize how vital your work is to inform the American people that the Palestinians are not the “bad guys”, in fact the opposite is true. Thank you with all my heart for bringing your message to the people in spite of the Israeli lobby’s attempts to vilify you. WE know who stands up for the truth!

All my best,

Beth Roberts

Gaines, MI

Happy Birth Day dear Allison, We all wish you all the best, and many, many more BD’s to come. Brave, smart,courageous, and daring people like you are giving this World and humanity more hopes for the future. With more people like you, out World can be a better place, indeed. Humanity needs more people like you.You’re a real patriot, one brave woman with big heart, seeking justice for all, and at most for the innocent mothers and children in the occupied Palestine today. Occupied, oppressed and imprison in their own land and homes by the artificial terrorist Zionist Israel. Of course we can’t be silent, witnessing this terror andinjustice in the last more than half century. Keep the good, but not easy easy at all work, for justice, and I have nothing but admiration’s for you and other real heroes like you. Thank you for everything you do, to make our World to be a better and more justplace. And again, with best wishes and best regards, Mike

Michael Mitev

Mitev Insurance Agency| Owner

I admire the courage of Alison, her devotion to the cause, her commitment, her relentless effort. She is a real inspiration.

Long may she be at the helm and may

As a British citizen with an extensive involvement and interest in the ongoing foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East I want to take this opportunity to send a birthday tribute to Alison Weir on behalf of all people who follow your work internationally.

Your organisation remains the only successful group I know of in the US which gives voice to a common sense campaign aimed at exposing the corruption and lies propagated by the pro-Israel lobby in America as well as the deplorable tactics of the Israeli state in pushing a fraudulent agenda onto the American people.

Alison’s razor-sharp intellect and dedication to plain facts have been a vital element in this journey and I firmly believe that her contribution to the debate will prove to be a turning point in the ongoing tragedy. Her particular gift for highlighting the empty rhetoric of the state of Israel and the gross hypocrisy of the pro-Israel lobby in America is a blessing to all who believe that truth will always triumph over ignorance and injustice.

The issue of US governmental blanket support for the state of Israel remains one of the most bizarre obsessions in western politics, and to those born outside the US it strikes us as a deliberate campaign of lies which, thanks to heavy funding by minority interests, has succeeded for over fifty years in concocting a fraud in which Americans are told that their safety lies in protecting Israel. Thanks to Alison, the absolute foolishness of this mythology has been extensively eroded to the point where her work has changed countless tens of thousands of Americans’ attitudes toward the plight of the Palestinian people. Alison’s courage, perseverance, and integrity are of the highest value to a Palestinian populace which has faced endless slaughter, theft and abuse across the entire history of the creation of the state of Israel.

As a long-term advocate of Palestinian freedom, I must also take a moment to highlight the often huge personal price paid by those such as Alison who stand up to the pro-Israel movement. Having the courage to take these people on publicly and expose their deception often entails extreme personal abuse, a campaign of deliberate deception aimed at wrecking the individual’s reputation, as well as extending to the receiving of death threats. It’s a campaign which requires tenacity, exceptional bravery, and a refusal to be be frightened away. Most of this goes completely unseen by the general public. In light of this, Alison deserves the highest praise possible for her refusal to back down and fall silent.

Justice is the work of God, and when we seek to protect the weak, to shelter the oppressed, and to save the victims of violence we do God’s work. This being the case, people such as Alison remain witnesses to the sacred dignity of all men, women, and children who live under impossible conditions of violence and who daily struggle to be free. I pray that the American people continue to recall their own former struggle for Liberty against a foreign power and that they, like Alison, will have the moral courage to seek an end to the mindless support of an Israeli state which continues to destabilise the entire world.

Sincerest best wishes to Alison on her birthday and may you all continue to be strengthened in your campaign to educate the good people of America. Truth is on your side!

Best wishes,

David M, London.

What I most respect about Alison is her strong commitment to discover and share the truth, and the steadfast courage with which she does so. But what most makes me love her is the love that I see in her heart, the love that set her on her voyage of discovery in the first place and that has, without fail, kept her on it.

Bill Tamblyn
Medford, NJ

Happy birthday Alison! I appreciate your invaluable research on the untold facts of Occupied Palestine. I noticed you first in Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. You researched the published reports on the way NYT headlined Israeli fatalities and how under reported the Palestinian were I downloaded all of your papers, charts, etc. and your seminal work provided a strong foundation for understanding the conflict. You continued your impact with the campaign on the massive amount of tax payer dollars fund Israel’s occupation & billboards. You have educated many with Bethlehem cards, concise factual info

You have quite a legacy and I wish you the most happy of birthdays!

Kate Bates

I am grateful to Alison Weir for opening my eyes.

With a remarkable combination of skills and single-mindedness, Alison Weir has revealed to a widening circle of Americans the dangers of political Zionism, which has undermined American progressive values and our national interests in the Middle East.

I hope that Alison Weir’s selfless dedication to the cause of objective journalism and the writing of history, has engendered for her a sense of accomplishment.

That is my hope. What I see, is that Alison’s work has caused her to suffer neglect if not outright ostracism from her own profession of journalism.

I would like to add, as Allison reaches that mortal threshold of 70, to come on through, without misgiving. Like many of us, already beyond that threshold, you will find yourself looking backward in time more than forward but as an historian as well as an activist, you will find a rich, nuanced perspective that arrives with advancing years.

Alison, thank you!

I ‘discovered’ Alison a few years ago and was immediately impressed with her sincerity and passion for the cause of Palestine and Palestinians. Her ostracisation by both pro zionist and some supposedly anti zionist groups only increases my admiration and commitment to her brave efforts. Bravo Alison … and thank you …. David

I simply wish to say thank you for your hard work and courage and many happy returns.

Dr Jones

Happy Birthday, Alison…the woman who gave a loud voice to my unheard voice.

Happy birthday.

You and people like you have promoted awareness of the 20th centuries longest running crime. Well done. I have bought your books and regularly advise others to do so if they wish to obtain a structured overview of what has happened in Palestine.

Be very proud.

Michael Holmes

Happy Birthday, Alison. Please take heart and be reassured: You are not alone. Thousands of persons all over the world, seeking to comprhend the unending conflict in the Middle East, have shared your journey of discovery into the root causes. Thank you for your contribution. Dan Good Luxembourg

Happy Birthday my friend. I see that you are in the 70’s club now, Welcome to the club, I am 71 got ya beat. You’re still as attractive as ever. I have followed your work for years. Bought your book, actually several copies that I have given to people who I thought deserved it. You have sufferedmany things for the cause, professional attacks, and attacks on your character that I believe is beyond reproach. You dear friend have Inspired me in more ways than a few. So again I wish you a Happy Birthday, no one is more deserving. …Frank Andrea Pennestri BDS New York

ps. we met again at the restaurant following the Press Club,,,you signed another book for me. Thanx.

Dear Alison:

I would like to thank you for your years of service to the fight for justice. Growing up I believed that super heroes were men in capes who could fly higher than planes, deflect bullets and see through walls. Now I know that true heroes are ordinary people who stand up for justice. That being said, Alison you are a true hero. I thank God for people like you every day. Ever since I heard you speak about Palestine, I have made it my life’s journey to awaken as many people as I can, about the true nature of Israel’s treatment of the people of Palestine. As well as, America’s unconditional support for Israel.

God speed

Wahida Ramadan

Alison you are brave and God almighty ALLAH bless you for spreading the truth and guide you to Islam

Happy Birthday, Alison!

Americans will someday know that the
Spreads are
Nonsense, and they

Will owe all their
Enlightenment to the
Remarkable you.

Not very good, but probably something different.

All the best,


Alison, a vibrant crusader for human rights, is a heroic seeker and promoter of freedom and liberty for those that are powerless to pursue on their own. I salute her courage to address these agendas for the betterment of mankind. God bless her!

Alison, Bless you for writing the best book on Israel in print. I know the cost to you has been enormous, and the courage it has taken to withstand the backlash. Thank you is hardly enough to express my admiration and appreciation. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Lynn Faulkner

Hello…I’m Dr. JohnC. Mason and I met her in Victoria several years ago…like me, she has a large bee in her bonnet ref. Israel and also had difficulty getting her book published due to Israeli interference. Happy birthday, and you have many years ahead to continue your courageous work. I’m now 85 and would like to live long enough to see justice in Palestine. Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday and total support for your views on Palestine….Mac Halliday.

Alison Weir was one of the first people with a significant media platform (after the Washington Report, I suppose) to address non-Jewish people in the US about the Palestine situation.

The attacks on her by the essentially all-Jewish ‘solidarity’ network (JVP, MECA, IJAN, etc.) are motivated solely by that racist and supremacist ethos, not any of their putative and casuistic ‘cover’ fables those acronyms have invented to cover their real agenda.

All zionists, however ‘liberal’ they might want to appear, hate and fear any non-Jewish people getting involved in media or organizations against US imperial policy. And, not only in regard to Palestine.. But of course, the MECA, JVP, etc. ‘activists’ get most ‘activated’ when someone non-Jewish speaks out on that issue. I note the zionists have only been, roughly, halfway successful in silencing her, and I hope she will continue to expand her audience. Mark Richey

You are doing great work Allison. I saw your presentation in a couple of months ago and who would have thought you were approaching 70! 🙂 Happy birthday All the best—Richard

“Happy Birthday” Alison! Hope you have many, many more years to continue the good fight. I know the sacrifices you’ve made, but please know you have helped so many people with your writings and reporting. I, along with many others owe you and the staff at”If Americans Knew” so much for keeping us informed with your honest reporting and analysis. Your continued work is very important, so please know we’re counting on you! Blessing John Scalise

dear Alison,

I want to wish you the happiest birthday. You are truly one of kind human being and many thanks for your tireless efforts on behalf of the Palestinian people.

Best wishes,


Mahmoud Haleem

I really appreciate the work that Allison does, and wish more and more Americans become as informed and enlightened as Allison is. This is the only hope for any resemblance of justice to the Palestinians .when a majority of Americans know what’s being done with their dollars and in their name, to support the injustice perpetrated by Israel . Happy birthday Allison, and keep up the good work.


I am very grateful for Allison’s courage, perseverance and dedication to a just cause. She has been undeterred by those who attacked her. Her book “Against Our Better Judgment” is a real eye opener. I shared it with others and used it in discussions to inform others I wish many more people would read it. Thank you Allison.

Alison: I admire people who fight for what is right, even if the odds are against them. Those are the people who make the world a better place. You are one of them. Happy Birthday! Aamer Khan

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