2020 Sponsored Diet for Palestine

2020 Sponsored Diet for Palestine

A California-based group, Fourteen Friends of Palestine, invites people to participate in its “2020 Sponsored Diet” to support the Palestinian cause (The current record raised from a single dieter in past years is $3,000.)

By 14FriendsofPalestine.org

Israel restricts the amount of food going in to Gaza, a ruthless and deliberate policy whereby the dietary needs of the Gazan people are chillingly calculated to keep the population alive at a near starvation level. An Israeli minister joked that they were “put[ting] the Palestinians on a diet.”

Members of the international community are invited to join in a diet voluntarily, to show solidarity with the people of Gaza, and to raise funds for the Palestinian cause.

The 2020 Sponsored Diet is being organized by 14 Friends of Palestine. Participants may choose between any or all of the following beneficiaries:

How to take part:

  1. Be aware this is a fundraiser for Palestine, not a diet club.
  2. Weigh in on Saturday Jan 4th 2020 at home or with fellow dieters.
  3. Join the 2020 Sponsored Diet google group for moral support.
  4. Get sponsors (suggest $2 per pound) But there is no upper limit!
  5. Eat wisely, eliminating refined carbohydrates such as sugar.
  6. Weigh-out Saturday April 11th, after 14 weeks.
  7. Collect money from sponsors when the diet ends. Exact details on payment will be given nearer the time.
  8. Please have all donations in by May 31st 2020.
  9. Optional: Join in the monthly maintenance checks May-Dec so you don’t regain what you have lost.
  10. Dieters and their sponsors may choose which organization to support. Therefore, the totals raised will not necessary be equal.
  11. Please note that your actual weight will remain confidential at all times.

Those of you who do not need/wish to lose weight are invited to sponsor those that do.

Automatic disqualification for:

  1. Rocks in pockets at weigh-in
  2. Use of helium balloons at weigh-out
  3. Limb amputation
  4. Child birth

Please note that this is a fundraiser for Palestine. Dieters pledge to raise at least $100.
Current record raised from a single dieter is $3,000.

Go Palestine! – The weight of the world is behind you.

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