Former senior Pentagon official: Washington under the control of Israel

In a recent interview, Colonel Douglas MacGregor said: “Washington is now firmly under the control of Israel and its supporters in the United States.” He opposed giving Israel billions more of Americans’ tax dollars.  

Col. MacGregor is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army who previously served as Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Defense.

During a recent interview, Col. McGregor discussed the situation in Gaza, and the dangerous potential for a wider war that could involve the U.S.

He concluded that it is not in U.S. interest “to bankroll Israel’s expulsion of millions of people from their homes in order to create a new Jewish mega-state.”

Legislation before Congress would give Israel another $14 billion on top of its regular $4 billion, the equivalent of $50 million per day.

The video is excerpted from an interview with Col. MacGregor by analyst Cyrus Janssen on December 6, 2023. To see the full interview go here.


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