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Israeli forces poisoned Palestinian wells during Israel’s founding war… and after

‘”Place the Material in the Wells..” Documents from Israeli archives reveal the Israeli army’s 1948 biological warfare… Some oral testimonies have previously reported this – now two Israeli historians have found the ‘smoking gun’ recent reports of Israelis poisoning Palestinian wells…

Top Hollywood producers worked with Israel to defend its war crimes

For years, Hollywood bigwigs have been using their outsized influence to keep the facts about Israel’s violent occupation hidden behind a veneer of victimhood. They have framed Israeli brutality as ‘self-defense,’ while demonizing pro-justice entertainers and the peaceful Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement.

Flashback: Attack on the USS Liberty – Lessons for U.S. National Security

Brookings’ Charles Ebinger writes: It is ironic that the IDF attacked a flotilla of relief ships bound from Europe to Gaza in international waters in a manner all too similar to its assault against the USS Liberty also in international waters on June 8… All too often it has been Israeli intransigent policies rather than U.S. interests which have dominated our bilateral relationships…