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International campaign is criminalizing criticism of Israel as ‘antisemitism’

IAK INVESTIGATION: For two decades, some Israeli officials and partisans have worked to embed a new, Israel-focused definition of antisemitism in institutions around the world, from international bodies and national governments to small college campuses in heartland America. This effort is now snowballing rapidly. As a result, advocacy for Palestinian rights is well on the way to being curtailed and even criminalized as “hate.”

Israeli bomb hoaxer charged with trying to extort US Senator, threatening to kill ex-Pentagon official’s kids

Israel is refusing to extradite the man, who made threats to 2,000 different institutions around the world, schools, malls, police stations, hospitals and airlines… JVP’s Alissa Wise had earlier said that Trump’s suggestion that the JCC bomb threats could have been made by a Jew was “a truly disgusting form of victim-blaming…” Kaydar reported to have earned $240,000 from his threats…

Powerful resignation letter by UN’s Rima Khalaf about removal of UN apartheid report

Khalaf writes that the UN report on Israeli apartheid was removed due to pressure by states who violate the rights of people going through a period of suffering unparalleled in their modern history… the flood of catastrophes today is the result of a stream of injustices that were either ignored, plastered over, or openly endorsed by powerful governments…”

UN group takes down report finding Israel guilty of apartheid following Israeli & US complaints

Following Israeli & US pressure, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres forced a UN agency to remove a report that found “on the basis of scholarly inquiry and overwhelming evidence, that Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid.” The chief of the agency that published the report resigned over the censorship…