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Rep. Betty McCollum leads effort to block Israel from using US aid to break int’l law

Rep. Betty McCollum has introduced a new bill (H.R. 2590) that challenges Israel’s impunity, at a time when support in Congress for Palestinian rights is at an all-time high. This issue of conditional aid to Israel has gained momentum in recent years – but there is a long way to go…

Pro-Israel think tank wants Progressives to adopt “Progressive Except Palestine”  

In a moment when support for Israel is slipping a bit in Congress, this Israel-right-or-wrong group proposes a new category of antisemitism in hopes of persuading Progressives to alter their agenda to accommodate pro-Israel Jewish Americans. It’s called “Progressive Except Palestine.”

The facts: Israel and Saudi Arabia are not U.S. allies

What these claimed “allies” want from the U.S. is greater than what the U.S. wants, needs, or gets from them. Whenever a relationship seems to be falling back into a pattern of false alliance, they should ask what Bill Clinton asked rhetorically of his aides after a meeting with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu: “Who’s the fucking superpower here?” Then they should ask of the other government, “What have you done for the United States lately?”