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Child Killed After Falling As Israeli Soldiers Chased Him In Bethlehem

Rayyan, 7, died while running for his life from Israeli soldiers who were chasing young children. Israeli soldiers have killed 35 Palestinian children since the beginning of this year. After the child’s death, soldiers invaded his family’s home, ransacked it, & interrogated his parents.

Israeli forces raid, shut down Defense for Children & 5 other agencies in West Bank

As a continuation of its targeting of 6 major Palestinian human rights organizations, Israeli forces ransacked their offices, confiscated materials, and welded shut their office doors…

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Child near Bethlehem

Invading Israeli forces used lethal force yet again, this time opening fire on a group of boys who were throwing stones, and killing Zaid Mohammad Ghneim. (The day before, Israeli forces had shot dead a 16-year-old in Nablus, and a few days before that, Israeli forces had killed a 16-year-old in Jenin.)